Rizq At The Mechanic Shop

[In the waiting lounge of a mechanic shop. 1 is speaking to 2, when 3 joins the convo.]
1: They told me that I had to come to work two hours after I got married!
2: No way. Serious? Why??
1: I don’t know man. I’m like: Are you serious? And they were like: yeah. I was like #$%^ these guys are for real.
2: So what did you do?
1: Well that’s basically when I decided I had to make a move.
2: [laugh]
3: I had a worse experience man.
2: What’s that?
3: I got married in one day. And I left the next.
2: Oh?
3: I went to Pakistan. Next thing I knew, I was married.
2: Oh you were set up? Ambushed [smile]
3: Not really. I went for my cousin’s wedding and I’m enjoying my life, and now it’s the Friday before my flight on Monday. And then some things happened, and boom, I was married.
2: Just like that? Did you want to get married?
3: Not really. I was like let me come back and do this. And everyone was like no, do it now.
2: Wow. I met my wife in a chance way too.
3: Oh yeah?
2: She didn’t even live here. She was came from Bahrain for a wedding, and that’s where I saw her.
3: And you got married?
2: Yeah man.
3: Wow. That’s like rizq bro. It’s predestined.
2: Right?
3: Yo, I was just reading about rizq the other day and I read something so crazy. That seed that’s harvested for you literally at the farm, that grows into an apple, vegetables, and other stuff literally has your name on it. It travelled all this way just to get to you!
2: That’s insane.
3: Yeah man, I try to tell the wife that cuz our incomes are already written.
2: [laugh]
3: But the women kick you outta the house [laugh]. You know you try to explain to them that it’s all written and we’re gonna get what we’re gonna get but they ain’t having it.
2: It kind reminds of this story of the Prophet Muhammand…Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. A man had a donkey and he left it outside some place while he was doing some work, and the Prophet asked him, aren’t you going to tie it up? And the man was like nah, whatever happens happens, and the Prophet was like no, tie it up, and make the effort. You got to do your due diligence.
3: Yeah you got to make the effort because you don’t know what’s coming to you.
2: Exactly.
3: But at the same time, since it’s written, even if you did nothing, you’re still gonna get what you’re gonna get. [laugh]
2: [Laugh] Yeah, I guess according to the logic.