Juma – Individualism & Society

Give what you love. Be willing to give, even if it might hurt you.
Story of Ibrahim: He was willing to go into a fire for doing the right thing, trying to tell his people that idol worship would not help them.

In today’s society, in the time of the selfie, people are worshiping themselves. This is dangerous and egotistical. When things are going well, you feel high. When things are down, you feel depressed. Society is so individual based.

There is a story of one of my colleagues. One day, he said: “I’m a god of myself.” This really disturbed me. How could one say that? When they have no absolute control over any of their faculties. People take on this persona unknowingly of intense ego. 

Is individualism the way?
In the short term, those who follow their desires might be happy, but in the long term it is harmful. They are not truly happy. We pray for guidance for all people but if the scale slides, faith helps.

Islam is asking people to accept certain restrictions but they protect the rights of others. Islam takes society as a whole into consideration. Allah is perfect. Humans cannot provide laws that reflect complete wisdom.

Not individualism, we believe in brotherhood and sisterhood. Love for yourself and your brother/sister.
2. We follow commandments of Allah. Sometimes societies rights come before yours.