“Ramazan” in Albania

[On a roof]
“Where are you from?”
“Albania. You?”
“Pakistan.” Pause. “Are you Muslim?”
“No Catholic.”
“Oh. But there are lot’s of Muslims in Albania.”
“Yeah like 65, 70 percent.”
“Oh so it’s good? Any problems?”
“No not at all. We’re all brothers. It used to be Communist eh.”
“That isn’t right, it doesn’t work.”
“So that’s why people aren’t too religious. I got two Muslim friends, they drink and all that.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah yeah.”
“Yeah well other Muslims drink too, Arabs, some Pakistanis…but it’s not so common. So is Ramadan big there now?”
“Ramadan. You know when you don’t eat all day.”
“Ohh, Ramazan. Yeah for sure. It’s on TV and everywhere. My friends drink the whole year but not during Ramazan.”
“So these people have Muslim names like Ali, Mohammad, Ahmad? There Arabic names.”
“Yeah. The most common Muslim name is Albania is Aziz.”