Peshawar, “Paakistan” and “Islam” not Izlam

When I was in Pakistan, I was surprised to hear the Canadian Consulate members, folks from Canada pronounce “Pakistan” correctly as “Paakistan.” The same should go for media. It’s 2016. It’s important to pronounce “ethnic” and “foreign” words better because ethnic folks now live in The West, and have been doing so in some cases for over 50 years. We are no longer strangers, but integrated and common citizens.

Therefore, when I heard a story out of “Pesh”-“awar” today, that was pretty sad. It’s Peshawar in one breath, not emphasizing the “Pesh” harder than the latter part of the word. Obviously there is GAP in language sensitivity and cultural understanding. Likewise, it’s “Mus”-“lim” not “Muz-lim” and “Is”-“lam” not “Iz”-“lam.” Even converts to the faith get it wrong, and they too should realize how to pronounce the words. It’s more a matter of correction than actual pronunciation. English speakers are more than capable of pronouncing most of these words quite well.