[My phone doesn’t work no more! Driving. Pulled over at an oil changing station.]
1: Hi, excuse me, can I use your phone.
[The man ran to the back instantly.]
1: Thank you. My phone isn’t working.
[phone call done]
1: Thank you sir.
2: Anytime.
1: Where are you from.
2: India.
1: Oh yeah?
2: You?
1: Pakistan.
2: I was born in Pakistan.
1: Oh nice, where?
2: Okara.
1: Oh.
2: And you?
1: Lyallpur…Faisalabad.
2: I see.
1: So you are from Pakistan?
2: Yes I was born there and came to India when I was 5.
1: Nice.
2: My dad was a police officer in Okara.
1: Oh yeah. Do you know about Nankana Sahib?
2: Yes. I wish to go there and I will, just need to retire soon and I will go.
1: Yeah, I’ve bin there.
2: Acha, good.
1: Yes, well, have to go.
2: Anytime you need something, come, oil change, phone call, anything.
1: Thanks!