Muslims are so bad

[Some guys speaking in Arabic]
1. Are you guys Egyptian?
2(1) Yes.
1. I heard you say Masih. Are you guys Christian?
2(1) Yes we are, Coptic.
1. Oh. Yeah I was gonna’ say, are those tattoos accepted in Arab society? With the Muslims? Christians?
2(1) No not really. I’m basically going against God. Because my body belongs to him.
2(2) Not accepted.
1. Oh, so it’s haram.
2(1). The only thing we do is this. [He shows his wrist. A small cross is tattooed.]
1. Oh, why?
[2(2) shows his wrist as well with a cross.]
2(2) Many years back, the Muslims did this to us to distinguish between Muslim and Christian. And they made us pay.
1. Pay?
2(2) Yes, the Gizyah! [In a loud voice.]
1. The Jizyah, or Gizyah is actually lower than the Zakat, for Muslims.
2(2). No! Muslims are so bad!
1. I’m Muslim. What are you talking about?
2(1) I look at everyone as they are.
1. Yeah!