You say Allah??

1. You say Allah??
2. Sure.
1. So you say Mashallah?
2. Yes what’s wrong with that?
1. But you’re Christian.
2. So? What’s bad about Mashallah?
1. So in Egypt, do you say Assalamualaikum?
2. Yes some do, yes. I say it.
1. Really?
2. Yes we are easy. [smile] Why so serious? Do you know what it means?
1. Yes peace be on you.
2. So what’s wrong with that?
1. But Muslims say that.
2. Not necessarily.
1. So do you know what this means: Raba na attina fidunya hassanah wa fil akhirti hasanh?
2. Yes, it’s Arabic, I understand it. It’s like the same prayers we say. We also pray to not have problems.
1. But do you say your prayers in Coptic or Arabic?
2. Coptic is an old language. We say some things in Coptic but the mass is in Arabic.
1. Oh yeah…but you guys say “Ga” for “Ja”. Like Hagg is really Hajj.
[laugh]. 2. Yes but Egyptians are on top! We are the best ones in Arabic.