Juma – Giving

Visit the sick.
Be humble.
Help others – give
Do good and throw it in the sea. If it’s good, the sea will throw it back to you.” Meaning do good and forget about it. Don’t expect anything in return. Leave your reward with Allah.
Always ask Allah for help and do your work. 
E.g. A man asked the Prophet: “Should I tie the camel or leave it to Allah?” Answer: Tie your camel first. Do your work.
Mean what you say. Don’t say just inshallah unless you mean it. There are people who may not mean what they say and that creates corruption in your character.
Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it really was amazing how he changed the hearts of the people because Prophet Muhammad PBUH showed them practical guidance.
Something about Ahmad ibn Hambal
Remember how people will remember you. Will people make dua for you or against you? Meet Allah well. Work for that day, the day you are no longer here…