Jew from Kazan

“Looking for a new one now.”
  “There are I think many opportunities right now.”
“But there’s only one role for so many guys. It’s not that easy.”
  “But you are out of the competition.”
“No, I’m not a top player like you.”
  “I am not a player even anymore.”
“You were the expert. You would always cut a release
  “Just a Jew looking for a piece of bread nowdays.”
“From Kazan.”
  “Yeah from Kazan.”
“Home of a lot of Muslim Tatars.”
“God Willing, we will meet there one day and have Turkish coffee and talk about old times when we were young :)”
  “Yes those glory days. They seem like yesterday but far, just like our life.”
“We had the best time. It was a great working environment. Just amazing. It will never happen again. Not in Kazan, Not in Faisalabad and Not in Toronto :)”