Jamaican Somalian

1. Yes, we need some rich brothers, can you put me in touch?
2. [Laugh]. Bro I look poor, I don’t know any rich people.
1. Walahee, sometimes people look poor but they are very rich.
2. True…walahee may Allah help you with your quest.
1. We have already bought the building, we need to pay for the permit to start building the school.
2. Right…yeah there are some people around…
1. Yes but they say one thing and then when the time comes, they do another. Trust me, I have most of my funds from the Asians…Pakistanis, Bangalis, Indians…
2. What about Somalis?
1. Not at all.
2. There must be rich Somalis here.
1. By God, no!
2. [Laugh] Common, there must be some, a few.
1. They all work like me.
[The conversation shifted to how Somalis are being killed…and Muslims shot in Toronto]
1. Brother, if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, what do you expect?
2. I tell you though, there are some good people in the club. Just cuz you go there doesn’t mean you are entirely bad. It’s disgusting to just get shot.
1. Then what are they doing there in the first place? If you die and your last deed is an evil deed, then it’s jahanam for you.
2. Still there are good people there. 99% of the people who go to the club are not looking to hurt anyone.
1. But still, you’re partying. What is that?
2. Look I have met some excellent people. We are all in some kind of struggle. I met this one guy once in a line. He didn’t seem like a Muslim or anything…we got to talking and he was a Muslim. And just like that, I said Asalamualaikum….and you know what he said? Walaikum Salam Warahmatullah….he said it in such a warm way it struck me…I would never have gotten that impression before…there was good in this person….and you don’t feel that about someone every day.
1. Yes but you need deen brother…
2. There are people here I guarantee you, that go home and watch a lot of garbage online.
1. Astagfirullah.
2. I’m telling you brother. You don’t got to go anywhere to do something bad. Don’t think people in Islamic work are perfect.
1. It’s only the deen that can save you. Invest in your children now…when they are young…by the time they become teenagers, it’s too late. It happened to my own brother.
2. Really, what’s that?
1. I sponsored my brother when he was 12. He came here, everything was good, did grade school, high school. Good marks, played on the basketball team…but then he started acting like those Jamaican guys. Showing off his muscles, listening to music and getting high. I told him many times, leave this life. Don’t do this. He wouldn’t listen. I got a call one night, that he got stabbed. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, he would get into fights sometimes so no big deal…but then my son told me it was serious. I rushed down and caught him in his last moments…I jumped into the ambulance to the hospital.
2. Was he conscious?
1. No he wasn’t…he was in a coma. His roommate, a Jamaican guy, his best friend, stabbed him. He later said he was sorry and didn’t mean it. What’s sorry going to do for my brother and me?
2. So he couldn’t read the kalimah?
1. No. He was unconscious.
2. Dang.
1. So they rushed him to the hospital…somewhere downtown. They told me he probably wasn’t going to make it. I told them try anyway and they did…but he died.
2. How old was he?
1. 18/19.
2. Dang. What happened to the Jamaican guy?
1. He was arrested.
2. Did you try to hurt him or anything?
1. What for? They put him in jail for 20 years. He will be out in about 8 years.
[brief silence.]
1. So invest in your kids now. Play with them, take them out. Show them Islam so they can remember to make the right decisions later…