I’m Lebanese but people think I’m Pakistani

[At a ceremony]
1: Assalamualaikum.
2: Walaikum Salam.
1: You need some help?
2: Yeah maybe, it’s so windy out here.
[Walk over to art work display a year metres away]
1: Where you from?
2: Pakistan.
1: No way, you look Arab.
2: Really?
1: Yeah man, I would think Middle East.
2: It’s funny, I was just somewhere on the weekend, and the Indian lady was like you are 100% Pakistani.
1: Nah man. I’m telling you.
2: Where you from?
1: Lebanon.
2: For real? You look Pakistani!
1: I know eh. And this is Brampton. Everyone thinks I’m Pakistani. You should see my brother. White as anything. It shouldn’t really matter…
2: Well, you know it matters. But it shouldn’t.
1: Yeah.
2: So you do security eh?
1: Yeah.
2: But you’re short. 5’8. Aren’t you intimidated?
1: By who?
2: Like a 6 foot 2 guy?
1: No man. I’m a black belt. You just got to know about the body.
2: Oh yeah?
1: Yeah. Like if you kick the right there in the knee, the guy will drop.
2: Show me.
[1 lightly taps knee on the inside part of the leg]
1: Another thing is if you have something sharp, hit them in the forehead. It will cause them to bleed. And then you just take them out.
2: Or hit them on the bridge of the nose.
1: Yeah that works too. Anyways bro, got to get back to this ceremony. It was good meeting you.
2: You too.