I prayed for “Abraham”

[At a copy shop]
1: What’s your name?
2: Abraham.
1: Abraham? [He didn’t quite look like an “Abraham” I thought]
2: Well, actually it’s Ibrahim.
1: So say it that way man. [smile]
2: Yeah, I try to, but no one ever get’s it right.
1: You got to make it right man.
2: I know, but, you know how it is. You just don’t bother sometimes…

But I prayed for Abraham after that little incident.

You see, Ibrahim was very kind to an artist who was desperate, out of time, and broke.
While I did ask him to print out the large project in black and white, he went ahead and did it in colour. It’s one of those things that you notice happening, and inside you’re like wow, this colour will really help me see where the issues are way better than black and white, so you wonder if the operator has made a mistake and you chime up and tell them or just shut up and go with it.
I took my chances and chimed up, “Uhm, its in colour…” but Ibrahim said: “It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it.”
“You sure?” I said.
“Yeah, if I can help someone out, I’ll do it…”
Inside, I was like WOW, I’m going to come back for you.

And I did (a few weeks later). I debated if I should get him a gift card or just straight up cash. Both would be good, but I thought cash would go further. I suppose it might not look good in a sense to just hand him cash directly, perhaps in an envelope and dress it up with a personal note? Hmm, yeah, that sounds good. Oh! And should it be a $20 or $50? A $50 man, of course, but what if it’s $20, it will still be good. Just to get your feet wet with gratitude? Yeah I hear that, but a $50 is what this feels like to me, cuz the value was so much more. And if I want to continue this tradition, I got t practice with bigger money right? Hmm…

But I never saw him again. I went back but he had found another job.

Abraham, I know you’re out there, we need some more good people like you, who can sometimes make exceptions, because you have absolutely no clue how many thousands of miles, your small and supposedly insignificant action will ever make. You’re not alone, my prayers are with you and I wish you success…