I don’t have the car BUT…

[12-05, 8:37 AM] 1: Assalamu ‘alaikum – my father passed away Wednesday morning. Janaza is today after Dhuhr (1:00 pm). Please make du’a for him.
[12-05, 11:47 AM] 2: Oh. Just got this. I’m so sorry to hear. It’s a tough one…Inna lilahee wa inna ilahee rajioon. I don’t have the car BUT my dua: May Allah forgive your father and protect him as a believer. May Allah enlighten and protect you and your family more so you can do good deeds on his behalf.
[12-05, 4:55 PM] 2: Salamz bro. Don’t want to impose. I know this is a difficult time. Can we come by later tonight for afsos? Or perhaps on the weekend? Either way is fine if you feel it is okay.