I can’t stand people that cut people’s heads off

1. I can’t stand people that cut people’s heads off.
2. See that’s part of the problem. How can you talk about ISIS in complete isolation? Where do you think they came from?
1. Well that’s just wrong.
2. So bombing Iraq into the stone ages isn’t wrong? Droning little grey people on a video game screen somewhere in Washington isn’t wrong? That’s heinous! It’s the narrative, that’s the problem. The horror of what the US and western governments have done is never a point of discussion, it’s just ISIS as they came out of nowhere.
1. [Smile] you teach me something each and every time I talk to you.
2. The frustrating thing is people make policies out of these narratives and understandings without understanding the entire situation.
1. Right.
2. Who’s the terrorist here? Is it just one way? The narrative has been hijacked. No one looks at themselves. Such an ill fated approach.