3 wives and Pizza

[1 approaches a pizza joint and sees some young teenagers sitting outside the door.]

1: Hey! What’s up!

2: Oh hey. How’s it going?

1: Good. You?

2: Good. Is Zayd with you?

1: Nah nah.

2: Oh he’s out and about eh? [Grin]

1: Probably. So how’s life?

2: Good.

1: How’s the wife? [smile]

2: Great!

1: Yeah?

2: Oh yeah.

1: Soon you’ll have two.

2: Two? Nah bro, three!

1: Three? Dang. You’re going all out. Muslim! [Laugh]

2: Polygamy. Ya know? [Laugh]

1: Everything else good? You done school now?

2: Yeah. Wanna go to college. I’m a football player. [2 makes the actions of throwing a football]

2: Wanna go to Florida ya know?

1: Good luck buddy. It’s Covid. Don’t waste time.

2: We’ll see, we’ll see.

1: Aright bro. Gotta pick up the pizza. Later.

[1 and 2 bump fists]