Agha Khan is a playboy?

1. Yo I just read an article about Agha Khan documenting his playboy lifestyle
2. Are you serious?
1. Yeah man. Apparently he’s got three major tastes.
2. What?
1. Horses, lavishness and women.
2. Nooooo.
1. Yeah man. All the Ismailis give him like 10 percent of his income.
2. Yo that guy is loaded.
1. What get’s me is that the man lives in a castle and gots yachts.
2. Straight up.
1. The man is a spiritual leader! A spiritual leader of the Agha Khanis…and he’s got yachts? How?!
2. Yeah man. Doesn’t really add up…
1. This article show’s him with his wives in bakinis and all. And every time you ask an Islaili about it, they just brush it off. Ain’t no way a spiritual leader can act like that.
2. Well he does give in charity but I know what you are saying.
1. Oh yeah for sure, they got centres set up all over the world. But for him to live like a playboy? And then the article goes on to talk about Prince Rahim, his son..who also likes beautiful women and all. And these people are supposed to be righteous?
2. Money baby…money. It does things to ya.