French Montana is a munafiq

[At a mosque, met some young guys in Ottawa and we got to talking…]
1. So where you from?
2. Morocco, you?
1. Pakistan…so you like French Montana eh?
2. Please. That guy’s a munafiq.
1. How can you say that?
2. Look at the way the guy is.
1. French Montana has done more for Islam then probably me and you.
2. Why?
1. Well for starters, he put Morocco on the map. You think these American’s know where Morocco is? He talks about it openly. That’s huge.
2. Yeah but he’s still a munafiq.
1. Bro, we’re getting killed. The man’s brought awareness to another culture. It matters. It’s perspective we don’t got. And number two, he’s brought awareness about Islam and Ramadan.
2. How?
1. I saw some interview he did at a popular radio station. It was Ramadan and the host was asking him about Ramadan and if he was fasting. He was like yeah for sure. And they were like, do you drink and smoke and he laughed and was like no no. And then they said, what about after Ramadan, and they he’s like Oh Yeah, we party it up and do it all. Everyone started laughing.
2. See man, that’s what I mean, you think that’s good? Look at his lyrics.
1. Yeah but he isn’t hiding his Islam. That’s a hypocrite. He’s open about his lifestyle man…that’s a big difference. [The truth is I didn’t know what a munafiq completely meant, but had a good idea, I went home and looked it up.] Yo man, if you think French Montana is bad, what about you and me? What if you were worse then French Montana? How do you know that you aren’t?
2. True.
1. So then? I ain’t saying his lyrics are clean, I mean that’s his issue. I’m just worried about myself. I don’t advocate for openly living that life you know…he’s gotta deal with that.

Munafiq: In Islam, a munāfiq (n., in Arabic: منافق, plural munāfiqūn) is a hypocrite who outwardly practices Islam while inwardly concealing his disbelief (kufr).

Clearly, French Montara is not a munafiq. He doesn’t outwardly practice Islam and actually being a disbeliever. If anything, it’s the other way around.