It became almost Biblical, even.

But when it was all done, Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final belonged to the Penguins, somehow. They were outshot 26-12 and went 37 minutes without a shot on goal, and it got to the point where the crowd was gasping when they even attempted a shot, before it was blocked or skittered wide or whatever.

    It became almost Biblical, even.

The Nashville Predators had fallen behind 3-0 after getting a goal disallowed, giving up a five-on-three and scoring an own goal, and then the game entered this strange place, this desert of the mind.

source: Penguins take weird NHL final opener

“It became almost Biblical, even.”

In a White-Christian dominant society, you wouldn’t notice this language as much unless you were a minority. Society and White-Christian are interchangeable. Basically, “society” caters to the greatest experience, not the least. “It almost became Quranic, even” will not happen for quite some time. It is nice to see your experience come through though. It is validating.