Cold water, halal meat, Pakistan

1. Hi
2. Hi
1. You know there’s actually a cold room at my gym.
2. No way, really?
1. Yeah it’s amazing. You just jump in there for a few seconds, and them jump into the sauna.
2. Nice, yeah that’s a good therapeutic way. You take cold showers too?
1. Nah, I don’t believe in that.
2. It creates a pumping action, go hot, go cold, and keep rotating.
1. I hate cold showers.
2. So do I, but in places like Pakistan, when it feels this humid, man it feels amazing.
1. Feel fresh.
2. Totally, you feel clean, you feel amazing.
1. My son is in the army, he tells me all of those things.
2. Yeah, thing though is, us Canadians go over to Pakistan, and they are like them Canadians are here. It takes these clowns half an hour to take a shower with all the warm water they need!
2. Meanwhile, those guys throw on the cold water like it’s nothing, even in the winter.
1. Crazy.
[3 walks in]
3. Yo.
2. Yo. How are the samosas? Did you check out that place I told you?
3. No man, I couldn’t. But I wanna check the meat samosas you told me about.
2. Yeah bro, veggie is great, but when you got meat in the samosas, oh my god. Especially during Ramadan when you break fast. They taste so awesome with ketchup!
3. Ketchup? Hell no. I like that sauce.
2. You mean the chutney? The green sauce?
3. No man, the red one.
2. Oh yeah yeah.
3. It’s got a nice buzz to it, just the right amount of spice.
1. You know my co-worker at the bank is Pakistani. Man I tell you every time he brings in food, it is incredible. His wife buys the halal meat…
[group agrees]
1. … and she makes such awesome dishes, I die for that.