Allah is your boss

1. You know man, you just got to understand what you have to do is this world.
2. Yeah.
1. You know, it’s like Allah is your boss. If you want to keep your job, what do you do? You listen to your boss so you’re good right?
2. Yeah.
1. And that’s it. As long as you are doing your job. You understand what Allah wants you to do. You understand what you need to do.
2. Man but when you hear people pass away, like one guy I know, he was only 25.
1. That’s the thing man. No one know’s their time. That’s why you got to have a clean mind and a clean heart.
2. But just thinking about that is putting fear in me. It’s like I can’t take a step.
1. No, no man. You shouldn’t think about it like that. Do your best. Forget the past. Start from now.
2. But you know how it is, it’s the weekend, you know we go out some time…
1. You’re bad.
2. Sometimes man, it takes time to get something out of you or you know, you’re bad but not all bad.
1. Yeah.
2. Like there is good in bad people too man.
1. Yeah for sure.
2. Just get your work done.