Why is America a deeply racist nation?

An Indian American wins a beauty pageant and twitter emerges with over 700 racist comments according to TODAY.com. The question is, WHY? Had a white woman won, there would be no Christian racist slurs or Christian Terrorist/Christian militia associations linked to the winner.

This is beyond ridiculous. This is ugly AND it’s racist. The U.S. administration keeps driving home America is a land of tolerance, democracy and freedom for all, yet it’s citizens don’t all feel that way. You actually need to be a person of colour to realize just how hurtful racist comments are. And this is where the tragedy lies. You actually have to be a person of colour to realize how hurtful these comments are!

What’s offensive is to constantly have to deal with racism independently, systematically and visibly. It’s everywhere isn’t it? How is one person lesser than another person just by their skin colour? Sounds shallow but the reality is strong.

What’s better? Being overtly racist or invisibly racist? Unfortunately, the minority is the only one who has to live with the end result.

It is so important to document and challenge racism throughout. It will lead to more progress if more voices are heard. It’s ugly to live through it but challenging and documenting it can lead to future progress.