Welcome to Malerkotla

[Knock at the door.]
[1 opens door.]
1: Come in.
2: Thank you. Where is your modem?
1: Oh it’s right this way.
[During modem installation, 1 detects 2 is from Punjab, India based on his name and mannerisms.]
1: “Are you from Punjab?”, 1 asks in Urdu, attempting to make small talk.
2: “Yes,” 2 replies in Urdu, with a slight smile.
1: Oh, from where?
2: Faridkot.
1: Faridkotla. That’s a Muslim name isn’t it?
2: It’s called Faridkot. And yes, it’s a city named after Baba Farid. There’s another city called Malerkotla.
1: Oh right. Malerkotla.
2: Yeah. That area is Muslim.
1: Oh so girls where hijab and niqab and stuff?
2: I think so. But I think they also dress like Punjabis, not totally sure.
1: Right, I know Malerkotla. It’s a historical Islamic area.
[After installation.]
1: Would you like something to drink?
2: No no, I’m fine.
1: Common my friend, you’ve come to Malerkotla and you won’t accept our hospitality? [smile]
[2 smiles]
2: No no, it’s okay.
1: Nah man, people say we’re bad people, I wanna set you up nice.
2: Who say’s you’re bad people? Nah, that’s just hype. We’re all Punjabis.
1: True.
[1 grabs a can of juice cocktail and hands in to 2]
1: From us. All the best.
2: Thank you.