Suhayb ar-Rumi

1. Kaifak? [smile]
2. Good bro, you?
1. Not bad. Where you from?
2. Lebanon.
1. Oh yeah?
2. You?
1. Pakistan.
2. Ah, Pakistan. But you know Arabic?
1. Shoeh shoeh [smile]. Ana Muslim. [smile] There’s some words that are common, you know.
2. Alhamdolillah. Yeah you’re right, my last name is also an Urdu word.
1. Really? What?
2. Saboon. Or sabooneh.
1. Oh, it mean’s soap.
2. Yeah same in Arabic.
1. What’s your name?
2. Sohayb.
1. My cousin’s name is Sohayb.
2. Yeah a lot of Pakistani’s have this name.
1. Well yeah, it’s an Arabic name, maybe it isn’t that popular amongst the Arabs. Never heard anyone with that name besides you!
2. There’s actually a companion of the Prophet Salalhu Walahi Wasalam who was called Suhayb.
1. A sahabah? No way.
2. Yeah a sahabi. Suhayb ar-Rumi.
1. Nice.
2. Yeah he was well off. There was some stories about him dealing with Jews and many others.
1. Yeah? I’ll look him up!
2. For sure! [smile]