Qur’an but Hadith? Aisha. Biblical age of Mary.

1. I read the Qur’an but not sure about Hadith.
2. How come?
1. Like the Hadith, is that what the Prophet really did?
2. Yeah man, there’s a whole science to how the Hadith were gathered.  You know weak Hadith, strong Hadith, they were classified.
1. I know but that one Hadith about the Prophet and Aisha.  She was like 6 or 7 years old and they were married.  Like common.
2. I don’t think the actual act was done till later…but Prophet Muhammad would not have done something out of custom of the land.  It was normal to get married young.  You know the biblical age of Mary right?
1. No.
2. 12, when she had Jesus.
1. Really?
2. Yeah man, that’s just an estimate, it could have been earlier.  That’s the norm at the time.