Hola vs Asalamualaikum

1. Where you guys from?
2. Buffalo.
1. Buffalo eh. Nice.
2 and 3. Yeah yeah.
1. Sorry to say man, but that place is run down.
3. No that’s cool, you’re right.
1. You like Toronto?
2. Oh man, this place is live.
1. This is an American city.
3. Oh yeah for sure.
1. What are you guys doing here?
2. There’s a music festival this weekend.
3. Yeah just checking that out.
1. Nice. So what do you think of Donald Trump??
2. [Expletive]
1. What’s your background?
2. Latino.
1. Ohhh, so you know all too well.
2. Yeah. [smile]
1. You guys have a lot of Muslims in Buffalo I heard?
2. Oh yeah, his friends are all Muslims.
3. [nod] Yeah.
1. For real?
3. Yeah man. Like literally all of them except this dude.
1. Can you tell I’m Middle Eastern?
2. I thought you were Latino.
3. I can tell.
1. Really?
3. For sure.
1. Pakistani, Muslim.
2. It’s funny you mentioned that. There’s the Muslim shop owner around the corner from me. Everytime I go in there, I say hola! and he say’s Asalamu Alaikum.
1. Wicked!