Glass chin

1. Are you Punjabi?
2. Yeah you?
1. Yeah.
2. Oh, from where?
1. Near Lahore, in Pakistan…know Lahore?
2. Yeah, that’s where my grandfather was from.
1. Oh yeah. Cool.
2. Yeah.
1. When was the last time you went back?
2. Oh man, it was when I was a kid.
1. Oh man, if you go back now, you’ll be blown away. So different from here. Feels like something outta a movie.
2. Yeah? I heard there’s lot’s of drug issues…the opium comes over from Afghanistan.
[This was a things that make you go hmmm moment but I didn’t comment]
1. So you wanna work in with me?
2. Yeah.
1. Wow you wanna bench quite a bit.
2. I’m doing only four reps.
1. That’s all?
2. Yeah, wanna build strength, and get rid of this gut.
1. Don’t worry, I got it too. I don’t know man, ghorras and kaalas got the genetics, we don’t.
2. We got the big brains.
1. Nah man, sometimes I think it’s all up to us, but yeah truth is we don’t got a lot of athletes. We got Amir Khan. Know him? He’s Pakistani.
2. Yeah, of course. He’s Punjabi.
1. Yeah that’s right…but he’s gotta glass chin. [laugh]
2. Hey man, if any grown man hit’s you that hard, you’re gonna fall.
1. I think he just get’s caught, he needs to watch that.
2. He fight’s with his heart…and that can get in the way, cuz he keeps moving forward.
1. Anyway, I better get to this workout, what’s your name?
2. Parminder.
1. Oh Parminder eh. You don’t shorten it? Parm…?
2. No man, Parminder it is.
1. That’s good, let the ghorras struggle a little. [smile]
2. I figure it’s my name, gotta say it right.
1. Nice, alright.