1. Yo!
2. Fouad! Where you bin? Why didn’t you get back to my text?
1. I did. When?
2. Eid man! I did. I sent you one.
1. Yeah I replied to it.
2. Nah man, you never got back to me.
2. Sorry bro, walahee busy, concerned about work and all. They laid off 3 people and now I’m doing all that work.
1. Dang.
2. Will you get a package?
1. Yeah I should.
2. How long?
1. Like a year.
2. A year! Nice. You can easily find something. Even within 6 months.
1. I don’t know man, I don’t got skills like you [smile].
2. So what’s the dilly? You didn’t call me. Let’s go out.
1. There’s a spot. I’ll take you there [smile].
2. Is it good?
1. Not bad [smile].
2. Hit me up bro [smile].