Are you Persian?

“Are you Persian?”
“You came from and there and they were playing the Dari music right?”
  “The place was dead, not much”
“Yeah I was expecting a larger crowd.”
  So all the Muslims are running this place eh?” [Smile]
“No, not the owner, I think he’s Russian. You Muslim?”
 “Yeah, but nothing happened tonight.”
“Ok Alhumdolillah, good. So where you from in Iran?”
 “I’m not Persian bro…”
“You look it…your eyes…skin colour…”
 “I’m Pakistani but I get that too…”
“Yeah I swear you look like it.”
 “And you’re from Afghanistan?”
“Yeah that’s right, I’m Pathan.”
 “Oh yeah?”
“Yeah man, better be careful about us, if you got our backs, we’ll even die for you and if you mess with us, then we’ll %&^*( you up.”
 “Tell me something…why do Pathans do that with little boys?”
“It’s not just Pathans, it’s everywhere. It’s here isn’t it?”
 “Yes but these people are Muslims, they should know better. That’s just disgusting. That shatters a child’s innocence.”
“I totally agree. You know who introduced it right?”
“Alexander the Great.”
 “Look man, there should be like a Marriage Ministry. These governments should subsidize marriage so young people can get married sooner.”
 “Otherwise you make all sorts of mistakes.”
“Yeah it’s expensive to get married back home…”
 “Exactly, something should be done.”